When love becomes a stranger, what remains…?


check out the Music Video for ANAF by @d

check out the Music Video for ANAF by @dancemovieband featuring @donbrownrigg ! http://ow.ly/gi5ZB @alliesaysrelax @thorneyhfx


Who knows what life has in store for us

Who knows what life has in store for us when we commit to the idea of forever. Watch the short film “What Remains” http://ow.ly/g4CKC


Great news! we are very excited to announce that “What Remains” has been selected for the National Screen Institute Online Short Film Festival!!

and even better – you can watch the film in its entirety, for FREE. Think of it as an early Christmas present – from us to you!

You can watch the film HERE. We hope you enjoy it and please fell free to share it with your friends. And while you’re there, check out all the other great films available through the NSI Fest!


my new blog post – discusses the process

my new blog post – discusses the process of screening a work in progress, and my latest film “POSE”. http://www.thecoast.ca/EvaMaddenHagen/archives/2012/03/13/exposed-a-naked-screening-of-a-work-in-progress http://ow.ly/i/vxBq

Here’s to the future!

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so here is a link to my blog homepage on The Coast website. Check back when you can as one of my 2012 resolutions is to blog more often. Upcoming posts will talk about the footage so far (i got 10 reels of Super 8 processed over the Christmas break!) as well as some realizations and musings that tend to go on as one year ends and a new one begins. and with that in mind – Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to the future!

New Blog Post – the Joys of Super 8

If you have a minute – check out my new blog – all about the Joys of Super 8! http://www.thecoast.ca/EvaMaddenHagen/archives/2011/09/26/i-love-super-8

Winter Wave Riders hits Hawaii Ocean Film Fest!

Winter Wave Riders, our documentary about cold water surfing on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, has received an honorable mention in two categories at the Hawaii Ocean Film Festival!  A co-production between CBC Atlantic and Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House Pictures, Winter Wave Riders was written by myself and Drew Hagen, and I was also the director.  Andrew MacCormack, of Hemmings House Pictures, was the editor and also 2nd camera operator on the show. Andrew is super talented guy who just so happens to be getting married this weekend!

The film features Nova Scotia surfers Nico Manos, Janine Strickland and Lesley Choyce. You can watch the trailer for Winter Wave Riders here!

Winter Wave Riders will play later in the Fall in Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.

Best Film – Ocean Recreation (honorable mention)

Best Film –  Our Cultural Connections to the Sea (honorable mention)


Filmmaker in Residence!

so…some news..it looks like I am the new Filmmaker in Residence at the Atlantic Filmmakers Co-op! Here is a link to the press release.


by Greg

AFCOOP is pleased to announce that Eva Madden-Hagen has been chosen as AFCOOP’s Filmmaker in Residence for 2012.

Throughout the coming year Halifax filmmaker Madden-Hagen will be working on her residency project, a documentary entitled Pose. The film will explore the unique experience of posing as a nude model through the eyes of Halifax based comic book artist Dave Cullen. Dave has spent his life studying the human form but recently realized sitting behind the drawing board wasn’t fulfilling the complete experience. A study in contrast and contradiction, Dave wants to see what it would be like to be the subject of the artist’s eye rather than the executor the vision. This film will go with him on his journey.

“I’m very honoured to be part of the AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence program,” says Madden-Hagen. “The artist based nature of the residency, which focuses on process as well as final product, is a tremendous opportunity for me to develop the project while interacting with the community.”

Now in it’s third year, AFCOOP’s Filmmaker in Residence program is designed to provide a Maritime filmmaker with support and resources to create a film while involving the community in the process. Through a combination of artist talks and open-studio visits, the filmmaker engages the local community with the process of making their film from start to finish. This year, the program is being supported by the HRM Residency Initiative, an exciting new project of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

“Its wonderful that HRM recognizes the value in supporting local artists with a residency initiative like this,” says Greg Morris-Poultney, AFCOOP’s Executive Director. “Programs like this one go a long way to enhance and enrich the cultural landscape of our city.”

AFCOOP is pleased with the success of the Filmmaker in Residence program thus far, both in supporting filmmakers in the creation of new work as well as opening up the creative process to a wider audience. The time-line of Madden-Hagen’s process and public events will be announced later in the summer.